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We created the Wrinkle Free laundry timer app out of necessity. Living in an apartment complex, you need to tend to your laundry in a timely manner. Naturally, I was using the timer on my phone to remind me when to fetch my clothes from the machines, so I could be a good neighbor.

However that was a little tedious. The timer was never set to the correct time, bouncing back and forth between the washer’s cycle time and the dryer’s. And if I had them both going, I really didn’t want to trek down to the laundry room to deal with anything until they were both finished.

So we created Wrinkle Free.

First, setup your washer and dryer timers on iPhone to match the cycle times of your machines. While you’re there, check out the settings for sorting options and minimize the number of notifications you will receive when you have more than one load running. You can also choose to receive a wrinkle warning for the dryer cycle. You can add as many timers as you want.

From there you can start and stop timers directly from Apple Watch, turn alarms and wrinkle warnings on and off, view the state of your shortest two timers with a Glance, and get notified that your laundry is finished right on Apple Watch.

Wrinkle Free is designed to minimize interaction. You’re busy enough without having to mess with a laundry timer app. For example, when your washer load is finished, there is an actionable notification that allows you to start the dryer timer right from the notification screen on Apple Watch. There’s no need to jump back into the app to start the next timer.

On the iPhone you can use the today widget to view timer states while you are waiting on your laundry.


Please note: you must turn on local notifications to receive alarms from Wrinkle Free (check your Settings). No other notifications will ever be sent to your device.

Wrinkle Free is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

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This application does not access any personal information.

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Support: @foxyrocket

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Photo by Sarah Soward http://www.sarahsoward.com